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Havdallah is the ceremony to mark the end of Shabbat once there are three stars in the sky on Saturday night as it literally translates into “separation” as we separate the holy from the regular. Havdallah is made up of four blessings generally over wine, sweet-smelling spices, and fire. While wine is preferable for Havdallah, one can make Havdallah over any other liquid except for water. Spices are used to ease the soul from the transition from the day of rest to a regular day. With the fire, those participating look at their nails to remember that just how nails are constantly growing, one’s inner soul should be as well.

How to Make Havdallah

Havdallah starts by pouring wine or any drink besides water into a special cup or shot glass, followed by lighting a multi-wicked candle. The one performing Havdallah starts off wishing for a happy and successful week, followed by the blessing over wine but the wine is not drunk until the end. Then the blessing over the spices is said and the spices are passed around for everyone to smell. Next the blessing over fire is said with everyone looking at their fingernails. Havdallah concludes with saying the blessing separating Shabbat from the week and drinking most, if not the entire cup, of wine.

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