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Tefillin, phylacteries, are leather boxes containing a scroll of specific Bible verses, with one being placed on the head and one on the arm with the help of leather straps. They are worn by men over Bar Mitzvah age (13) during morning weekday services, excluding holidays. They are a reminder of God’s goodness towards the Jewish people when He took them out of Egypt.

How to Put on Tefillin

When it comes to putting on Tefillin, there is a very specific process. First, one of the boxes is placed on the upper arm of the weaker hand and wrapped around the lower arm, then wrist and palm, ending with the last part being wrapped around the middle finger. Then the head tefillin is put on above the hairline so that no part of it is touching past the hairline. The leather straps attached to the head tefillin are knotted in the back at the base of the skull.

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