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A kippah, yarmulke, or skullcap is a Jewish item worn mostly by men on their heads that can be made out of any material. Orthodox men wear a kippah every day, all day while those of other levels of observance wear a kippah in synagogue or at religious Jewish events. Women of other sects of Judaism sometimes wear a kippah as well during synagogue. To keep the kippah on, many use clips or pins to secure them to their heads.

History of the Kippah

The history of the kippah dates back to biblical times, when the Kohanim- priests- were told to cover their heads while doing holy work in the Temple. This later expanded to include all men to cover their heads whenever they were praying, saying blessings, or partaking in holy acts. It was then written in the Talmud, the primary source of Jewish law, that men should always cover their heads always as a reminder that there is someone above them.

Women and Kippahs

Women are not required to wear a kippah because it is said that women's souls are more in tune with God. While not necessary, many women in modern circles choose to embrace this special opportunity by wearing a kippah during prayer services.

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