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Pesach (Passover)

One of the most intense Jewish holidays is the week-long holiday of Passover or Pesach in the Spring. During this holiday we refrain from eating leavened bread and actually clean our entire house to ensure there is not any hidden. Whatever is left that we cannot get rid of, such as anything unopened that is forbidden on Passover, is then sold to a non-Jew and bought back after the holiday. On the first night of Passover, families generally gather together to participate in the Passover Seder where the story of Passover and the Jews leaving Egypt is told through the book of the Haggadah. Matzah is eaten in place of bread and use the Seder Plate to tell about specific things that happened. During the meal, we also invite the profit Eliyahu into our home and include him in the meal by leaving out a cup of wine. Full of tradition, this might be one of the more exciting holidays as well.

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