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Learning is a major concept in Judaism. Judaism encourages everyone to ask questions, look inside the Torah and multiple sources, and to always learn about the past as well as the different laws in Judaism.


A Chumash is a book version of the Torah, often filled with commentary from great rabbis throughout history. A Chumash is not only used to follow along when reading the Parsha but is also used for learning purposes. Those Chumashs with commentary allow a deeper insight as to what is happening and gives alternative meanings, as well as underlying meanings to the story based off the words chosen, how they are spelled, or even just simply what it says.


A Shtender is the Yiddish word for “stander” or “lectern”. These are often used while learning, to keep the book one is learning from at a comfortable position, but also to give more space on a table when using multiple books to study from. It is also used to hold a Siddur while saying Tefilah or hold notes while giving a lecture.

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