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7 Branched Menorah

In the Temple, the menorah used had seven branches to it. Today, a menorah is not used as it is only to be used in the Temple. Many choose to buy a menorah as Jewish decoration but it is not necessary to own one.

Hanukkiah/Hanukkah Menorah

The Hannukiah, more commonly known as a Hanukkah menorah, is a nine branched candelabra, is used to celebrate the holiday of Hanukah. There are eight branches to represent the eight days the oil lasted and one which is the “Shamesh”. The “Shamesh” is an extra candle with the branched placed either higher or lower than the rest and is used to light all the other candles. On the first night we light the “Shamesh” and one candles and every night onwards, we add on another candle until all eight are lit and one Shamesh.

How to Light the Hanukkah Menorah

After sunset, we add candles in accordance to the night (first night is one, second night is two…) into the Hannukiah from right to left and a blessing is said for lighting the Hannukiah and is followed by a song or two about the miracle of Hanukkah as everyone lights the candles from left to right, starting with the newest candle. It is customary to light the candles in a window or outside so that everyone can see the hanukkiah and what is being celebrated. Once the candles are lit, the rest of the night can begin! Often people choose to play the game of dreidel after lighting.

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